'From the Forest to the Florist'

Here at Selma Park Evergreens the Forest is our Partner 


    We take pride in knowing that the quality of our natural 'green' product extends to how Selma Park operates in an environmentally friendly manner. 


    All of our Floral Evergreens products are renewable forest resources that are never cut down. Boughs and salal are harvested by trimming branches, which allows for a continual harvest after the branches have regenerated. 


    We believe that the forest is one of nature's most cherished renewable resources. It is also the rarest and most productive ecosystems on the planet, therefore we take care not to disturb the forest floor and take care in the harvesting of boughs.  Improper bough harvesting practices can have a detrimental affect on tree health.


   Our greenery waste product is chipped and made into compost and our cartons and liners are 100% recyclable.


   Bough and salal harvesting is all done by hand and is hardwork.  Our employees and pickers harvest only premium greens which are kept at our warehouse in refrigerated coolers.



























Vacant Hummingbird Nest